Tiếng Việt

About us 

S a p a i is a company with more than two hundred employees working together. We are simply a team where everyone strives to fulfill their commitments to customers, and to each other.

We believe that, through work and cooperation, based on the values of sincerity, respect between individuals in the group, regardless of status... we can completely create perfect, flawless results, no matter how big or small the results are. We are always concerned with the perfection of the final result.

We would like to sincerely express our gratitude to customers, partners, friends... who have trusted and collaborated with us.

The trust you place in us will never fade away. We always try for this.




The journey has passed 

The road ahead is very long. We have just stepped foot on the first steps, where the footprints of the contributing members are already imprinted with many memories. 

2 0 0 3    S A P A I was founded. Inspired by the purity of Sapa. 
2 0 0 4    Construction of the first CLEAN ROOM treatment facility in Song Than - Binh Duong.
2 0 0 5    Production of pipes and joints.
2 0 0 5    Production of multi-purpose mesh shelves.
2 0 0 6     Production of clean room panels
2 0 0 7    Production of CLEAN ROOM equipment.
2 0 1 2    Construction of S A P A I factory An Dien - Ben Cat - Binh Duong.
2 0 1 3    Establishing a CLEAN ROOM treatment facility in BAC NINH.