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At the business of Cleanroom Consumables, we are proud to say that we’ve been moving along with the industry of the country since the first days of our milestone.
For years, with a lot of efforts and investment, we now have the fully equipped departments of productions, including the below workshops:

1. Garment Workshop: With over 100 full time workers, we are able to supply at any needs from customers, no matter what of quality caliber and quantity. Moreover, with daily fine tuning skills, we provide to the market the cleanroom garment with highest quality and meeting with almost standards raised by the international organizations in the field of clean manufacturing, such as IEST , ISO....

 2. Shoe Production Workshop:  We are not  a shoe making company, but we could make shoes with quality that much above the normal industrial standards , as we produce the shoes for the special manufacturing environment: Cleanroom. With traditional experiences accumulated for years in the field, we acknowledge and comprehend fully the needs and inquiries of customers for ideal shoes for cleanroom manufacturing environment. With over 50 workers and 2 fully equipped production lines of PU (Polyurethane) and PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), we are confident to supply to the market the clean shoes that fully meet the demand of quality as well as the timely delivered schedules. 

3. Cleanroom Laundry Service: With over 10 years experiences in providing equipment and services for clean rooms, we are constantly working hard to always meet the increasing needs of customers. To meet the demand of clean laundry from customers, we have developed a type of new services – Cleanroom Laundry services. Cleanroom Laundry services for uniforms and other supplies used in bio manufacturing, film emulsion, medical devices, optics, pharmaceutical and semi-conductor industries are provided by Sapai Industrial Laundries in its Cleanroom Laundry facility. This state-of-the-art facility meets both ISO 14644 and IEST cleanroom operation standards. Sapai can process your uniforms and other items to meet specification of your cleanroom facility. Our cleanroom laundry service is 100% locally.

Click http://www.sapai.vn/laundry-services to learn more about our Cleanroom Laundry Service.