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The Laminar Flow Cabinet is primitively designed with respect to giving a localized clean area to operators. In addition, the egronomic of working during long hours is a key fact to build. So come the Laminar Flow Cabinet .
What’re important factors regarding to quality of a Laminar Flow Cabinet ? First, due to the unceasing working mode, the laminar flow must be running smoothly without vibration. This is to make sure that operators would feel as if they were sitting around a quiet bench. In addition, the workpieces with senstivitiy of movement are not impacted by any tiny oscillation.
Second, due to the unceasing working mode, the laminar flow must not produce noise which exceeding over 6̀5 dB. This is the threshold which help protecting operators’ health and his or her hearing capability afterward.
Third, the working contact surfaces must be well insulated from electrical power sources. This is to help protect operators when handling in direct contact with working surfaces. Have we yet qualified for those 3 above important notes? Thanks to many efforts of the hardworking team, we’re honest to confirm “Yes”. You may count on us.