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We all understand the dear cost of critical Cleanrooms. The higher the class, the more expensive the cost. The bigger the area, the higher the cost. Hence, grade and size of Cleanroom becomes critical issues to consider once cleanrooms are built. So come the application of Fan Filter Unit (FFU).
The most important factor of FFU is set by its smoothness of operation. Under the continous mode of running (average of 16 hours/day), the whole body of the FFU is put under the repeated vibrations.
This calls for a rigid and well anti-vibrated structure of design.
The second important factor is set by the noise of the Fan. With continuos running mode, the noise caused by the Fan must be at a low threshold of 65 dB.
The third important factor is set by the coplanarity between the surfaces of HEPA gasket and the surface of the bottom flange of FFU. This is to prevent the air leaked out of HEPA’s covering area.
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