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Your Hygiene. Our Concern

With over five years experience in providing equipment and services for clean rooms, we are constantly working hard to always meet the increasing needs of customers. To meet the demand of clean laundry from customers, we have developed a type of new services – Cleanroom Laundry services. Cleanroom Laundry services for uniforms and other supplies used in bio manufacturing, film emulsion, medical devices, optics, pharmaceutical and semi-conductor industries are provided by Sapai Industrial Laundries in its Cleanroom Laundry facility. This state-of-the-art facility meets both ISO 14644 and IEST cleanroom operation standards. Sapai can process your uniforms and other items to meet specications of your cleanroom facility. Our cleanroom laundry service is 100% locally.

Which can help customers:

Save cost and transport time
Class1000 standard cleanroom
Strictly follow ow of CR laundry
Output (laundered garments and shoes) meet cleanroom hygienic requirement

Our services include:

From our daily pickups to emergency deliveries on weekends, Sapai is dedicated to provide the best possible service to our customers. We can make daily pickups and deliveries to your facilities. Once cleaned, we package and box the garments according to your specication.


SAPAI owns a cleanroom laundry facility that specializes in cleaning, washing, and drying of Cleanroom uniforms and shoes. From pickup, to delivery, to washing, drying and packing, we ensure that each uniform is handled with precisely with care. Our Cleanroom laundry is maintained at 100 C for the most effective cleaning and service for our customers.

Sapai Barrier Washer
This Barrier Washer which is specially designed for strict requirements of sanitary insulation. It is ideal sanitary washing equipment, which can prevent the spread of bacteria, germs and dusts. It can also be utilized for dustless washing and well meet the dustless environment requirements of pharmaceutical factories, high-tech manufacturing plants as well as some food processing factories. The idea of barrier washing is realized by dividing the washhouse into two separate operational areas: the clean area and the unclean area. The washing stuff can be put into the washer through the inlet of the unclean area while after washing they can be taken out through the outlet of the clean area.This is an ideal solution for preventing the washing stuff from being contaminated after cleaned by the germs during the loading and unloading process in the un-clean area. It is suitable for washing garments, gloves and shoes

Sapai Garments & Gloves Dryer
This dryer features high speed and efficient drying process. it is controlled by computer. Therefore, garment and gloves is always kept in best condition. Unloading dedicated cleanroom pass thru dryer HEPA filtered system to guarantee the cleanest air for the drying

Sapai Shoes Dryer
Automatically dry the clean room shoes made of PP/PE/PS vamp and rubber sole after washing process. Our shoes dryer circulate the hot air heated by efficient electrical heater to vaporize the water content in shoes; while the high capacity refrigeration system condensates the vapor into water, accomplish the function of automatic drying cycle.


Sorting and barcode system

Scanning incoming soiled garments and shoes. Soiled garments and shoes are inspected before being sorted into groups of similar items for washing, and damaged uniforms and shoes are weeded out for repair or replacement.

2. Pre-treatment
Garments and Shoes are pre-treated by general washer to reduce soil and dust before loading into barrier washer (cleanroom washing)

3. Washer
Garments and shoes are loaded into large capacity (200 lb.) barrier pass-thru washers, washed with a solution of puried water and special non-ionic surfactants with Micro processor controlling to ensure the stable quality processing.

4. Dryer
Unloading dedicated cleanroom pass thru dryer HEPA filtered system to guarantee the cleanest air for the drying

5. Particle test
Measuring the number of particles per minute. Testing of the surface resistivity of garments and shoes (Optional)

6. Inspection & Folding
After particle testing, garments and shoes are inspected for defects such as split seams and broken zippers or snaps, and then folded, packed and sealed in polyethylene bags

7. Packing & Delivery
Once sealed, the garments and shoes are placed in a pass-thru and sent out of the clean-room to the shipping area, which is itself often Class 100.


Inspection, folding and packaging as well as washing and drying-of cleanroom garments are performed in a well-controlled cleanroom environment. Class100 (ISO14644-1 Class5 ) environment for garment folding and packaging


Nitrile - Latex - Vinyl Class 100 gloves undergo a special cleaning procedure and are washed in DI water, dried and packed in a Class 100 cleanroom. The ultra pure water used in the cleanroom glove washing operation has gone through both a reverse-osmosis ltration and a mixed bed de-ionizer system (producing > 18 megaOhm water). This gives our gloves a very low particulate count and very low levels of ionic and organic extractables. The gloves are free from silicone, plasticizers and pigments.